Will Holley
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Are you developing a cutting-edge project in Web3?

Initial Consultation

Engagement begins with a 1 hour phone call in order to better understand your goals, needs, and how we can work together.

Areas of Expertise

Real World & Alternative Assets Pioneered usage of NFTs as property titles for Real World Assets, becoming the largest on-chain auctioneer of physical luxury goods. Featured by OpenSea, Hypebeast, Yahoo Finance, Cultured, and others
Smart Contract Development EVM smart contracts handling millions in transaction volume.
Partial Common Ownership Founded an independent RadicalxChange Chapter focused on developing EIP standards for on-chain representation of Partial Common Ownership, a property-rights system that is fairer and more economically efficient than capitalism (private-ownership) and communism (public-ownership).
DAOs Worked with CityDAO, LexDAO, Lobby3, and others. Focuses include developing KPIs and feedback loops, attracting talent, representing real-property on-chain, reducing regulatory and tort risk, clarifying legal status and rights of token holders, token incentive and mechanism-design (tokenomics), and decentralized governance design.

Engagement Models

Review your White Paper
Prepare your pitch deck for investors
Develop your smart contracts
Design your DAO's tokenomics/go-to-market strategy
Signatory on your treasury's multi-sig
Migrate you from Web2 to Web3